2012 Quality Province Governor Award

Published on: 2013-01-30
SPAR Shangdong Win 2012 Quality Province Governor Award
The full list of the forth Shangdong Province Governor Award 2012 was disclosed on January11th 2013.

Five companies and five individuals in Shangdong provinces have been awarded with this highly prestigious award, including: Dongyue Group Ltd. (Fluorine & silicon Material Industry), Zhongliang Group Greatwall Int'l Wine Limited, Shandong JJY Group, Shandong Wuzheng Group Co., Ltd (Agricultural vehicles/trucks), Xiangguang Copper Co., Ltd. 

Individuals are Wen Decheng, Wang Zhaobo, Wang Hai, Zhang Jiping, and Wang Zhaolian.
Shangdong Province Governor Award, widely regarded as the most prestigious award available in Shangdong Province, was designed in 2009 to recognize the companies with the best quality products, engineering, service and management. SPAR Shandong JJY Group was the only one which was awarded with this highly prestigious award in the field of logistics.

First of all, 62 companies and 18 individuals applied for this award. After users or customers’ satisfaction survey and assessment, 16 companies went to the nomination debates meeting at November of 2012 which hold in Jinan city. Well performed company or individual will go to the next step: it is the selection committee that choosing the final winners.

An Emphasis on Product Quality to Create Successful Corporate Brand
Mr Wang the chairman of SPAR and JJY Group said: “Last year, JJY was nominated for Shangdong Province Governor Award. This year, we won this award. That means we go through a thorough remodel process. We should always put social effect first, with priority on consumer’s benefits at critical moment even sacrificing our corporate benefits.”

"From Farm to Store" “Green vegetables” National Promotion Project
Mr. Wang’s introduced, JJY initiated the model of “Supermarket goes to the countryside”, planned a new pattern of logistic system for countryside, providing farmers with quality, reliable and valued industrial products.

145,000 Mu (1Mu=666.6667 m2) Farm base Obtained Certificates
A staff from JJY introduced, a modern fresh DC was build up already with the largest size and the most advanced and full serviced facilities in the field of retailing. In this DC, it is equipped with a farm produce quality inspection center with the frontier inspecting equipments, involving sensory, microbiological, chemical and physical analyses. It is fundamental for the quality guarantee for farm produce. In addition, the company gained HACCP certificate ensuring hazard analysis and critical control of food production, transportation and the overall sales processes, strengthening the farm produce/food production’s quality security management.

At present, as the first company which developed a farm base of agriculture products in the same industry at the national level, SPAR Shangdong operates 450,000 Mu farm bases, 80 certified product ranges, including organic, green and pollution-free certificates. Of which, 145,000 Mu farm base obtained certificate, accounting for 32% of the size of the overall bases, this is the top level at the same industry.
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