2013 CNY Show Invited SPAR Beijing

Published on: 2013-01-29
2013 CNY Show Invited SPAR Beijing
January 11th 2013, Fangshan district’s Chinese New Year show was hold by Fangshan broadcast and TV center, invited all the strategic partners including SPAR Beijing. General manager of SPAR Beijing  Mrs. Xiao made a magnificent speech on the show.

Mrs. Xiao said: there is a positive relationship between SPAR Beijing and Fangshan broadcast and TV center as many as 17 years, both parties are mutually support, collaborate with each other and growing together. We started from the business cooperation, and now develop to be strategic partners. Fangshan broadcast and TV center has always strongly supported SPAR Beijing for advertisement, propaganda, and brand promotion. And it’s the same with SPAR Beijing for providing valuable and primary-source news. Now both parties achieved mutual benefits and win-win outcomes to date.

At last, Mrs. Xiao expressed her good wishes for the great future cooperation.
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