2016 WH Fishery and Retailing Trade Fair

Published on: 2016-11-11
Fishery trade fair
2016 Weihai Fishery and Retailing Trade Fair Held at SPAR Shandong
2016 Weihai Fishery and Retailing Trade Fair for seafood operators and retailers is held at the roof garden hall, Kowloons Hotel, Weihai, 28 October 2016, over 50 large-scale leading operators in fishery industry including industrialized fish and seafood giants, fisherman cooperatives, offshore fishing groups, aquatic products procession enterprises presented at the fair for direct business negotiation and face-to-face information exchange with SPAR Shangdong.

This trade fair is jointly organized by Weihai municipal bureau of ocean and fishery and SPAR Shandong, aiming to speed up the pace of supply-side structural reform, promote the sales of Weihai special fish and seafood, broaden the urban supply channel for aquatic products, increase local fisherman’s income, and safeguard the food safety for both rural and urban residents.

Wang Chuanliang, Deputy director of Municipal bureau of ocean and fishery gave an overview of this event; Ding Mingbo, deputy general manager of SPAR Shandong introduced the group’s future planning on seafood business; Li Mei, director of fresh buying department SPAR Shandong clearly explained the regulations for business cooperation and investment. All delegates discussed business opportunities and cooperation potentials at the fair, part of them signed buying agreements with SPAR Shandong Jiajiayue Group on site.

In recent years, Weihai municipal bureau of ocean and fishery take proactive actions to guide enterprises to boost the seafood circulation market, develop specialized fish farming and aquaculture, improve processing technology, reduce medium parts of products circulation, and decrease the cost of circulation. As local leading retailer in Weihai, SPAR Shandong currently owns over 600 direct operated retailing stores with a coverage of 40 and more cities and counties in Shandong province, among which over 300 chained stores are located within Weihai regions, forming a 10-minutes commercial circle and a full business network across the region. SPAR Shandong “from farm to store” business pattern is a bridge connecting farmers and markets, an efficient approach to solve the “difficulties of sales” for fresh producers. Every year, SPAR Shandong purchases over 200,000 tons of fresh produce from local farmers, providing great business opportunities for over 60,000 farmers.

Li Mei, Director of Fresh Deparment, SPAR Shandong Jiajiayue Group introduced, as a local chained store operator, SPAR Shandong shall enhance our cooperation with local enterprises through the well-established business platform by Municipal Bureau of Ocean and Fishery.

First of all, introduce fishes into stores. SPAR Shandong is confidence to establish long-term and stable purchase-supply relationships with local fishery operators, reduce medium circulation parts, broaden fish products supply channels, provide sustainable and comprehensive service for our partners, so as to achieve a win-win business together. Secondly, enhance marketing. We are going to set up branded sales counters at store level, advertise and promote our seafood and fishes by strong and focus merchandising strategies, so as to establish our private labeled local seafood and increase our sales. Third, interconnection of online and offline business. SPAR Shandong captures seafood and products information via rural e-commerce platform, and allows fishery operators to publish their products and sales information on SPAR Shandong Online Mall, SPAR Shandong Buying Platform, Mobile APP and more online channels, a fantastic approach to broaden the channels of sales. Fourth, enhance joint buying. SPAR nationwide buying system and national supermarkets buying alliance shall work together to distribute local fish and seafood across the country through the Group’s business network and logistics & supply chains, to establish a more stable and convenient seafood circulation channel, finally, boost Weihai local economy development.
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