2017 Global Key Suppliers Conference

Published on: 2017-12-27
SPAR Shandong Organizes 2017 Global Key Suppliers Conference
SPAR Shandong partner Jiajiayue Group hold 2017 Global Key Suppliers Conference at Kowloons Hotel, Weihai, November 30th 2017. Over 400 delegates of key suppliers participate in this event to discuss business cooperation plan and development strategy under the new situation of China retailing.

The main purpose of the conference was to highlight:
− Smart Retail + Global Supply Chain
− Adoption of new technology
− Supporting new cooperation model
− Lays out the vision for a future business
− Create better shopping experience for customers
− 3 Winners: Retailer + Supplier + Consumer

Mr. Wang Peihuan, Chairman of Jiajiayue Group, briefly reviewed the Jiajiayue’s developments in 2017 and anticipated the future development in the next 5 years. Mr. Gunawan Efendi, 
Supermarket BU, COO of Jiajiayue Group, elaborated the supermarkets performance in 2017 and the supermarket plan toward 2018 at the conference.

Q1-Q3 2017 Sales increase by 3.49%, net profit increased by 25.94%

Opportunities and challenges facing Jiajiayue in 2018

− Base Shandong, expand to Pan-China
− Focus on offline physical retail stores
− Move toward western markets
− Business growing bigger and stronger
− Adoption of New technology
− Supply Chain
− Big data analysis
− Organization structure optimization
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