24 ice cream Flavours “Made in Austria”

Published on: 2012-05-07
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24 ice cream Flavours “Made in Austria”
SPAR is putting a focus on ice cream made in Austria - all 24 new ice cream flavours are produced in the Valentino ice cream factory in Styria

SPAR The new ice creams are offered in the SPAR PREMIUM, SPAR Natur*pur, SPAR Vital and SPAR Veggie ranges. 

The ingredients used originate mostly from Austrian organic farming.

Michelin-starred chef Johanna Maier and expert chocolatier Josef Zotter cooperated closely with SPAR in the creation of the SPAR Premium ice creams. 

The six Edition Zotter ice cream flavours are refined with chocolates from the gourmet chocolatier.

For the production of SPAR Natur*Pur ice cream, only ingredients from Austrian organic agriculture are used.

The SPAR Vital ice cream is sweetened with Stevia sweetener, and so offers full enjoyment without any sugar. 

The products contain 40% less calories than regular ice cream.

New on the ice cream market are the vegan fruity sorbets from new private label brand SPAR Veggie

All of these sorbets are produced completely free of animal ingredients such as milk, gelatine and other animal binding agents.

All the ice cream varieties are available in SPAR, EUROSPAR and INTERSPAR stores in Austria.
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