3-Year Strategy & 2017 Work Meeting of GD

Published on: 2017-03-06
SPAR Guangdong 3-Year Strategy & 2017 Work Meeting
SPAR Guangdong holds a meeting concerning 2017-2019 3-Year strategy and what will do in 2017 on February 17-18, 2017 at the ballroom of Hongmei Distribution Center, with over 150 management from all levels of branches, departments, stores attending this event. 

SPAR Guangdong puts forward a 3-year development planning based on the idea of “Invest in retailing together, focus on high quality stores. ” The meeting is dividend into 5 sessions: Review on 2014-2015 business results and highlights; 2017-2019 3 Year strategy planning; 2017-2019 SPAR Guangdong 3-Year strategic work and 2017 work planning; panel discussions; awards: 2016 great team and excellent people. 

Review on Previous 3-year Planning
SPAR Guangdong’s Chairman Mr. Hu Jintai delivered his report on 2014 -2016 Business Resources and Management Achievements at the very beginning. He comments, SPAR Guangdong achieved a stable growth over the past 3 years. By end of December 2016, SPAR Guangdong runs 82 self-operated stores, which served accumulated 160 million customers during year 2014 and 2016, sold out 270 million pieces of products, and offered 6935 private label SKUs for consumers. Major operating income and gross margin from fresh products increased, ratio of goods returns decreased year by year, and ratio of days of inventory hits a historic low in four straight years.

The company also sees business expansion in regions outside of its home base in Dongguan, like Meizhou, Qingyuan, Shaoguang. Food production facility and logistic docks are launched and put into commission successfully. For a diversity of business formats, the company invests in 143 Bainade specialty stores featuring with a variety of home supplies, tools, furniture, furnishing and lifestyle products.

Also, Borui E-commerce achieved the highest revenue by registered an online shop at Tmall.com, a major breakthrough income from the third-party business. Worth to mention, the online sales of thermal containers ranked the first according to Tmall Sales Rank.
What’s more, SPAR Guangdong has obtained a certain achievements in business management by shifting towards new business patterns and optimizing personnel structure. So far, SPAR Guangdong rolled out 13 partnership stores, established regional joint stock cooperative system for entrepreneurs, and set up incentive scheme to motivate employees.

2017-2019 Planning: Invest in Retailing Together, Focus on High Quality Stores
With the core strategy “Invest in retailing together, focus on high quality stores ”, SPAR Guangdong mapped out four key elements of the future: management, industry, formats and resources. Chairman Mr. Hu Jintai explained, as for management, the group established a HQS (high quality store) planning department responsible for retail store designing, planning, operation, formats position, category planning.

The company shall unite the power of our organization and individuals to establish a joint-management eco-system; as for industry, SPAR Guangdong is developing a retailing-based industry chains by exploring potential clients for each formats and expanding our business coverage; as for business formats, SPAR Guangdong is developing multi-channel business formats including department stores, hypermarket, supermarket, lifestyle store, European-style home specialty store, Mom & Baby specialty store; as for resources, our products, our people, information and technology, supply chains, excellent management team are considered as the energy to drive our business development.  
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