38th SPAR Intl Marketing Conference

Published on: 2015-11-30
SPAR Henan Team Attend 38th SPAR Intl Marketing Conference
SPAR International 38th Marketing Conference unveiled in Krakow October, Poland. Krakow is one of the oldest cities in Middle Europe and the third largest city in Poland, proud of its 650-year-old universities and the largest Middle Ages Square in Europe. Developed over many centuries, Kraków provides a showcase setting for many historic styles of middle-ages architecture, churches, castles, palaces, maisons. As the city expanded, Kraków today grow to be two emerging cities with recognizable and unique style.

Send out Senior Management Team aboard to Learn World-Class Retail Practice
October, SPAR Henan Team Visit Netherland and Poland

Early in July this year, Chairman Yang Yong said at a Summit that we’ll start to send our senior management aboard group by group to learn. Luckily, the 38th SPAR International Marketing Conference kicked off October which is a great opportunity for SPAR Henan team. Seven senior managers for SPAR Henan par take in this conference, including Wu Junlong, Gao Jun, Zhu Handong, Wan Lina, Xu Hao, Liu Liyue, Shang Xiang.

"It is a large team that we have seven delegates this time.” SPAR Henan Sanmao Commercial Management Co.’s general manager Wu Junlong said with a smile,” SPAR International only invited 3 people of SPAR Henan team to this marketing conference, but Chairman Yang Yong insists this is a great opportunity for managers to study world-class retail practice, and finally sent 7 people to attend this conference with agreement of SPAR International. ” This is a eight-day study tour for delegates, they walk into SPAR stores including SPAR Express at airport, see what good practice look like. “Go out to see to learn, to learn to expand your vision, to expand your vision to do better business.” Chairman Yang Yong commented.

18 Countries 18 inspirations Sparkled
SPAR Henan's Success Storytelling in Conference

During October 14 to 16, more than 60 retailing senior managers from 18 countries and regions gather together at Krakow Poland for SPAR International Marketing Conference, discussing the situation of retailing growth, broadcast and TV advertising, mobile and digital marketing, as well as e-commerce. For SPAR Henan team, this is a great lesson for retail inspirations and best marketing skills.

At the conference, SPAR membership partners from different countries introduced current marketing conditions and challenges respectively. SPAR China’s Commercial and Marketing Director Yoep Man introduced SPAR Henan’s success stories and pointed out the deficiencies existed at current stage. All delegates discussed and exchanged their thoughts with great enthusiasm. SPAR International also invited all delegates to visit SPAR stores in Poland in addition to a series of sessions.

We Visit, We Think
Turn Ideas into Actions

"We focus on brand value other than price. Emotion is the essential of communication, what we need to do is creating emotional resonance between us and customers”, General Manager Mr. Wu said, “The stores we visited did very well in this, they are managing a supermarket and also people relationship. They treat customers as their neighbors, call their names, even they keep in mind what the customer bought last time.” “People greet each other with sweet smile even though they don’t meet before. The first thing SPAR Henan has to do is greet our customer. ” Mr. Shang Xiang said. "Vegetables available at SPAR stores here are always fresh from morning to late evening. Fresh is the most important thing.” Mr. Zhu Handong excited when he talked about fresh. Delegates do learned a lot from this trip, but they also emphasized that: ”We must put these knowledge into practice, action is powerful than words. ”

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