4 SPAR BJ Stores Win the Honorary Title

Published on: 2017-05-05
4 SPAR Beijing Stores Win the Honorary Title “Beijing Best Service Retail Store”
Fangshan District Commerce Committee announced recently that 7 retail stores in Fangshan District won the honorary title “Beijing Best Service Retail Store”. SPAR Beijing is proud to announce four stores under the retail brands of SPAR and Huaguan earned the honors, including SPAR Changyang Store, SPAR Chengguan Store, Doudian Huaguan Hypermarket and Yanshan Lifestyle Square Huaguan Hypermarket, thanks to their quality products, featured social involvement, and best customer service. Winners of Beijing Best Service Retail Stores are jointly determined by professionals from Beijing Alliance of Commerce, Municipal Association of Tourism Industry, and Municipal Association of Private Enterprises, under the guidance of officials from Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce, Municipal Commission of Tourism, Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce, aiming to build a standard, trustworthy and valued business system to attract more consumers outside of Beijing.
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