6 New Stores in Spring

Published on: 2020-05-07
Since March, as the COVID-19 outbreak in China was basically under control, the resumption of society around the country has been steadily pushed forward, and SPAR China partners have vigorously pushed forward their new store opening plans for 2020. And 6 new stores have been opened this Spring already! The epidemic will soon be completely over in China, and liveliness will be restored around the country soon. 

March 13: SPAR Guangdong Jiarong Shatian Biguiyuan Store

With the epidemic situation in China was basically controlled and the resumption of society was slowly underway, SPAR Shatian Biguiyuan Store opened on March 13! Still, for the safety of customers and employees, everyone needs to wear a mask and to enter the store after a temperature check. The comfortable shopping environment of abundant offerings satisfies the vast community of consumers who still choose to stay at home to self quarantine.

March 17: SPAR Guangdong Jiarong Bihailanwan Store

On March 17, the Bihailanwan Store officially opened! Under the current epidemic situation, the prevention and control measures cannot be sloppy at all. The store is disinfected at least five times every day from the cash register, the weighing platform, to the shopping basket, shelf, etc., and customers can enter the store only when wearing a mask. The interior of the store is simple and generous, the black shelves match the elegant floors, the display is staggered in the store, the variety of goods is complete, making sure the community residents can supplement the daily necessities during their home quarantine.

April 18: SPAR Guangdong Jiarong Songhu Happy Garden Store

SPAR Guangdong Songhu Happy Garden Store is located in Shop A15, Songhu Happy Garden, Songshan Lake High-tech Zone, Dongguan City, with a business area of more than 500 square meters. In order to meet the needs of community residents, the store includes high-quality products from home and abroad, and can provide 10,000 kinds of products for customers to choose from, and there are many types, fresh vegetables and fruits, fresh meat and aquatic products, casual snacks, beverages and drinks, cereals, oil and rice noodles, daily care, home cleaning and more. In the current epidemic situation, prevention and control are still very important. Before the store is opened, the store is fully disinfected. The cash register, weighing platform, shelves, and shopping basket are regularly disinfected without leaving a dead end; during business hours, the store personnel are required to check body temperature and wear masks to ensure the safety of employees and customers.

April 29: SPAR Shandong Zibo Hongcheng Store

As a newly upgraded high-end store in the Zibo area of SPAR Shandong Jiajiayue, occupying a prime location in Zibo New District, it is located at the intersection of Nanjing Road and Liantong Road in Zibo City, with an operating area of 6,200 square meters, and a large parking lot convenient for customers to shop. 

SPAR Zibo Hongcheng store adopts a concise design style, and also uses half-height display facilities on the shelf selection, making the panorama of the store more transparent, so that consumers can feel the "view of the mountains" at the moment of entering the store. For a comfortable experience from start to end. In every detail of the store, you can see the effort of the team, the bottle cap decoration of the wine area, the romantic cherry blossoms in the dining area, the fresh breeding in the seafood area, etc., allowing you to enjoy leisure fun while shopping. 

Adhering to the idea that good things should not be expensive, being good neighbors for residents and good helpers for families, while leading the high-end stores standards, Hongcheng Store makes full use of the variety and quality of people's livelihood products, covering dishes and meat that are closely related to the daily lives of residents, Eggs, milk, fruits, beverages and non-staple food. Here, a wide variety of fresh goods can enrich your three meals a day; the delicious aroma of delicious cooked food can help you take a rest in mid of your busy schedule, take away or eat here to bring you more possibilities. 

In order to ensure consumers' safety to shop in the store, Zibo Hongcheng store also took a number of measures to strengthen prevention and control measures during the epidemic period.

April 29: SPAR Guangdong Chashan Napa Valley Store

SPAR Guangdong Chashan Napa Valley Store is another excellent work by SPAR Guangdong Jiarong. The store has a business area of about 273 square meters and is exquisite and compact. There are many products and complete categories, which can provide fresh fruits and vegetables for the surrounding residents. Fresh meat and aquatic products, casual snacks, beverages, rice noodles, grains and oils, makeup and personal care, home cleaning, study and office, etc., fully meet the needs of community residents in daily life. The 

Napa Valley Store still maintains the high standard of store design, with a simple and elegant appearance, decorated with simple English, and the lively shopping scene inside can be seen through the clean glass wall. The interior space is bright and comfortable, and the warm yellow lights are scattered on the black shelves and the floor, which is more welcoming and gives a homely feeling. The scattered spaces are interspersed with interesting hand-painted and lovely text to make the whole space full of vitality! There are also wireless Internet access, charging and other services to create a good place for community leisure!

May 1: SPAR Beijing Huaguan Yizhuang Store

May 1 holiday too crowded? Better to come to SPAR stores to stock up on good goods and continue to relax at home! Today, after careful preparation, SPAR Beijing Huaguan  Yizhuang Store finally opened on May 1! The Yizhuang store is about 1,000 square meters big, from assembly to delivery, from display to decoration, completed only in just two days, in order to ensure that it can provide more product choices and more good customer experience during the May 1 holiday!

Every detail of the Yizhuang Store tells the hard work of the SPAR team: romantic cherry blossoms in the wine area, fresh breeding in the fresh area, good quality non expensive Private Label, and online shopping instructions can be seen everywhere. It allows you to enjoy leisure fun while shopping, also to help you experience the warm service of timely home delivery in a busy life. While doing a good customer experience, SPAR Beijing Yizhuang Store did very through preparation on the selection of products, covering dishes, meat, eggs, milk, fruits, and beverages that are closely related to residents' daily lives. Here, a wide variety of fresh goods can enrich your three meals a day; the cooked food can let you get a quick but delicious bite when you are too busy.

In order to allow consumers to shop safely at the store during the peak of the May 1 holiday, SPAR Beijing Yizhuang Store also adopted a number of measures: an infrared thermometer set at the entrance of the store, and a one-meter line interval in the queue area of the store check out counter, multiple daily disinfections in the store, and a strong ventilation system, allowing natural wind to blow into the store, making sure customers' shopping safely.

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