A 170m2 SPAR Store Built Up

Published on: 2015-06-05
A 170m2 SPAR Store Built Up Outside of Sudirman Cup Venue
SPAR Guangdong has officially launched its 170m2 SPAR Store outside of Sudirman Cup venue on May 10th, the first day of the tournament of 2015 Sudirman Cup in Dongguan, Guangdong, China, offering all athletes, coaches, games officials, the media, viewers and badminton fans with quality products and services.

The 170m2 SPAR Store is a newly developed innovative format of SPAR Guangdong integrating a food grocery with a café, considering as a good combination of “rush” and “slow” life. It is designed to be an ideal lifestyle partner for local citizens offering them with easy-life based products and service. It includes five categories: Enjoy now, Take home, Stock up, Let’s celebrate and Your usual.

The categories and ranges developed in this 170m2 SPAR Store may be varies due the space and international sports standards, but the proven concept and structure of this format is clearly displayed for consumers and shoppers. Comparing with existing SPAR lifestyle store in Guangdong, 170m2 SPAR Store has a “Happy Kitchen” and seating area, sets up WIFI equipment and electricity recharge service, builds up a comfortable and pleasant shopping atmosphere.

In Happy Kitchen department, shoppers will enjoy the fresh served food, juices, confectionaries, popcorns and so forth. Television is set up at store level for shoppers watching live games. Meanwhile, there are many interesting souvenirs available in store, including the mascot for 2015 Sudirman Cup, Sudirman T-shirt, hat, portable power bank, selfie stick and so forth.

To better serve shoppers and visitors during Sudirman Cup days, SPAR Guangdong prepared English-speaking staff at store and many interesting communication games, many international athletes and teams enjoyed them at SPAR store.

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