A Delegation from SD FDA

Published on: 2017-06-07
SPAR Shandong Hosted a Delegation from Shandong FDA
A delegation from Shandong Food and Drag Administration (FDA) headed by Deputy Director of Shandong Food Safety Office and Deputy Head of FDA Madam Li Yuhong visited SPAR Shandong Jiajiayue Yuntong Logistics and Weihai PC to see how supply chains organized and food safety inspections in Shandong Thursday 1 June. Madam Fu Yuanhui, the SPAR Shandong Group’s party secretary and executive deputy general manager accompanied.

The delegation visited the site of Yuntong Logistics to see the latest developments in modern supply chain infrastructures, and listened to the reports on service platform for intelligent vehicle management and the modern cold chain transportation system.

Yuntong Logistics has achieved automatic vehicle scheduling supporting with a transportation management platform and an intelligence vehicle service system. The temperature of cold chain transportation can be monitored through Beidou CPS Tracking system and temperature control technology, a very modern and efficient supply chain connecting warehouses and shelves at store level.

The delegations also visit SPAR Shandong Weihai Production Center to inspect the production process of each food production plant, and understand the food safety inspection flow of SPAR Shandong.  
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