A look inside SPAR Guangdong’s relaunched store Xinghecheng

Published on: 2020-08-24
SPAR Guangdong recently welcomes a new wave of openings, carrying their business forward into a progressive and prosperous future. Following two stores celebrated their openings on August 7 and August 9 - the Dalang Wanxiang Songhu store (170㎡) and Dalingshan Zhongxing store (440㎡)- the flagship store Xinghecheng relaunched after 3-month upgrade programme on August 13. 

Within this 11,758㎡shopping destination, this upgraded SPAR Xinghecheng flagship store offers over 30,000 quality products. “The primary purpose of this move is to expand our product assortments and make better shopping experience for customers. We implemented extensive merchandising strategies, digital technologies and innovative food concepts in this location,” explained store manager Sun Xiaoping.

When SPAR Xinghecheng store first started its business at the end of 2011, it combined the best practices of international retail concepts and expertise. It was also developed as the first flagship stores of SPAR in China. Within nine years in business, it was highly praised by retail peers and sophisticated shoppers at home and overseas. Growing together with its shoppers, this SPAR store inspires people and changes their life.   

What’s new in this upgraded SPAR store?

Optimized products assortments. 
With new store concept, the location is developed as a modern food market, offering an 2.5 times expanded area of fresh departments. Fresh produce and food offered in store is increased to almost 80%, including 50 types of fresh seafood, 30 frozen products and 20 aquatic fishes. Customers can find extensive regional products, such as durian from Southeast Asia, peach from Pinggu, Beijing, chicken from Shimen, Hunan, and matsutake from Shangri-La, Yunnan.

More premium products available. 
In this store, it offers easier-to-navigate shopping routes, clearer merchandising solutions, as well as deeper assortments in select categories. 20% of offerings are innovative domestic products and online celebrity endorsed products. One of the major draws is Kweichow Moutai liquor priced at 228,000 yuan. It is planned that the first instore Kweichow Moutai museum to be unveiled in the near future, the most reputable and luxurious brand of Chinese baijiu. Moreover, there is also a temperature-controlled wine cellar in the food section, which stores wines of various brands including well-known whiskeys. To develop such premium products, SPAR team gives an accurate and deep understanding about consumer needs.

Integrate a large food court.
 An open and independent food court is designed next to the selling floor, which covers an area of 713㎡ and offers over 200 dining seats. Unlike the traditional franchised shop-in-shop concept, this food court is completely self-operated by SPAR Guangdong team, from layout designing to dishes development. Within 23 food counters, shoppers and food lovers alike will find 400 types of food available including an abundance of seafood, beef steak, sushi, Chinese dishes. In addition, the first fresh cheese counter in Dongguan is launched at the food court, offering fresh-cut cheese, imported butter, chilled ham, foie gras, etc. All your favorite food, all in one place. 

More technology investment.
Shoppers are encouraged to scan an QR code at the food counters to order and pay for their meals via mobile app. This solution lets busy shoppers skip the line in the food court. Further, traceable QR code is also added on the packaging of every organic food and meat products in store. This move allows shoppers to understand the whole supply chain, from breeding and planting to processing, for the sake of food safety and customer satisfactory.

Enhanced customers service.
In addition to pleasant instore environment and shopping atmosphere, the store provides innovative and upgrading services that is alluring to customers. For instance, it features mother-baby rooms, handwashing stations, water dispensers and seating sets. Moreover, a special game zone is designed instore for family activities. 

Powerful team with competencies.
Strong supply chain and operation capabilities are key elements that drive our business growth. For this location, SPAR Guangdong team gives insight into customer needs and business formats that differentiate SPAR brand from competitors. A large number of high-quality products and popular new products are developed and offered at store level. This upgraded store, the SPAR Guangdong team hopes, will be a trendsetter in the city Dongguan.  

In recent years, the rising of new retail has inspired the business format of Grocery Store plus Food Court. SPAR Guangdong’s food court solution is part of a wider trend. Following the success upgrading of SPAR Xinghecheng store, more innovations and upgrade programmes to be rolled out for better productivity and service. Under the banner of an international yet local brand, the future of SPAR Guangdong is promising!
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