SPAR is an International Group of Independently Owned and Operated Retailers and Wholesalers.

SPAR is an international group of independently owned and operated retailers and wholesalers who work together in partnership under the SPAR Brand to provide a high quality, value for money shopping experience for the communities we serve. Since the first store in 1932, SPAR has grown rapidly for 90 years, and now operates over 13,000 stores in 48 countries of 4 continents, becoming a global food voluntary retail chain. 

In 2004, SPAR entered China market, and has been helping Chinese local retailers to develop voluntary retail chain model, with 8 partners now in Shandong, Guangdong, Beijing, Sichuan,  Hebei (Zhangjiakou ),Yunnan and Xizang.

In 2018, after 15 years' logistics & operations steady development, SPAR China partners jointly established a new Supply Chain company, aiming to further support partners' store expansion, product competitiveness via joint negotiation & purchasing.
Joined in 2004
Joined in 2006
Joined in 2010
Joined in 2012

SPAR Heibei Jiajiayue

Joined in 2016

SPAR Yunnan Jinfang

Joined in 2017

SPAR Tibet Mutual Benefit

Joined in 2020


Jiajiayue Group Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive retailer which mainly runs supermarket chain stores, supported by regional integrated logistics, with the development of modern agricultural production bases and food processing chain as the guarantee, and the full supply chain and multi-formats with very strong fresh food characteristics. It has more than 750 direct-owned chain stores, covering more than 40 cities and counties in Shandong Province and Zhangjiakou city of Hebei Province, forming hypermarkets, supermarkets, department stores, shopping malls, boutique supermarkets, community stores, rural stores, convenience stores, etc. The multi-formats combination has achieved the goal of “Into the Community, Close to Life, Creating a 10-minute Life Circle” and established a leading role in the industry in Shandong Province. The Company has 4 modern ambient Distribution Centers and 5 fresh Distribution Centers, with a total area of more than 200,000 square meters, forming a 2.5-hour distribution circle in Shandong Province, ensuring efficient delivery of logistics to covered stores, enabling the Company to penetrate into various regions of the province and is irreplaceable in the field of FMCG in the local market. The company pioneered the “Farm-Supermarket Joint” model in the country, and established long-term and stable cooperative relations with more than 200 rural cooperatives. More than 80% of fresh products are direct-purchased from production bases. It received honors of the “National 100 Cities 10,000 Shops No-Counterfeiting Movement Demonstration Store”, “National Farm Supermarket Joint Project First Pilot Enterprises”, “Agricultural Industrialization National Key Leading Enterprise”, “China Retail Best Employers”, “Shandong Province Governor Quality Award” and “National Civilized Unit”. In December 2016, the company was listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange and officially entered the capital market. 
Guangdong Jiarong Supermarket Co. Ltd was founded in 1992. It is a comprehensive modern retailer with cross-regional and multi formats in business. It has accumulated a number of honors, including leading commercial and trading enterprise of Dongguan city, enterprise with class A creditworthiness in food health credit, Model enterprise selling clearly-priced products, enterprise with high credit, Trustworthy enterprise to customers, top 10 creation awards of Dongguan city, and excellent chain store of 10 years (1996-2006), and so on. Guangdong Jiarong Supermarket Co. Ltd applied for joining SPAR Voluntary Chain organization and gained SPAR license from SPAR International in November 2006. Three SPAR stores with hypermarket and supermarket formats were opened at one day at the same year. SPAR Guangdong also attracted several small and medium-sized local retailer to sub-licensed from SPAR Guangdong and enhance SPAR brand’s presence in many cities and districts in Guangdong province. 
Beijing Huaguan trading Co. Ltd owns total capital of 300 million yuan and selling space of 5,000 square kilometers, which is a large comprehensive chain group with multi-format such as shopping mall, supermarket, convenience store, fresh supermarket and independent stores. Focusing on the formats of shopping mall and chain stores, it operates 54 chain stores and 328 independent stores covering Fangshan district, Fengtai district, Yizhuang area and extends as far as Zhuzhou located in its neighbor province Hebei. In January 2010 Beijing Huaguan became the latest SPAR partner in China. SPAR China has announced the opening of a landmark store, with the debut of SPAR’s first store in capital city Beijing – marking the 100th store to open in the country. The opening of the SPAR hypermarket in Beijing demonstrated SPAR's potential for even further expansion in China. 
Sichuan Dehui Commercial Co. Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as Dehui), founded in 2000, featuring with chain store as main format, the other business format includes convenience store, agricultural product processing, logistics and distribution and more. Headquarter locates at Pixian County Modern Industrial Zone of Chengdu city, with assets of several hundred million yuan and over 3,500 employees. By April 2012, Dehui operates 44 directly-run stores distributing cover 10 cities ( or autonomous prefecture), and 27 cities or counties (districts). Total selling space of the above mentioned stores is over 120,000 square meters. It also owns DC & fresh processing center in the modern industrial zone with a size of 20,000 square meters. Dehui has accumulated a number of honors, including, Trustable Company to Customers, Top Tax Payer, National pilot unit of from farmer to stores project, the top 30 retailers of year 2011 in Sichuan province and top 100 enterprises in Chengdu city.Read more… Sichuan Dehui Commercial Co. Ltd, a leading Sichuan based retailer joined the SPAR group to reap the advantages of international SPAR retail brand and benefit from the expertise of an organization with over 80 years experience and over 12,000 stores in 37 countries worldwide. 
Fuxiang Investment Group was found in 1992 and became a large retailing corporation with assets valued RMB 200 million after decades of development. In 2006, joined “China Ten Thousand Villages and Towns ” program as a local leading corporation who owns 128 chained retail stores, representing 85% of local market presence. In 2009, established Fuxiang Shopping Square and Fuxiang Century City (a Residential and Commercial Program) with total construction area of 62,000 sqm, featuring with supermarkets, commercial buildings, food & beverage business, hotels, office buildings, compound, which is a well recognized “landmark” project. In August 2015, Fuxiang invested and launched a new store at urban of Zhangjiakou, offering more than 200 jobs and increasing tax payment RMB 1 million each year. In September 2015, Fuxiang invested and launched another new store at rural area, Guyuan County, Zhangjiakou, offering more than 100 jobs and taking a big step forward for its business expansion. In 2015, New Distribution Center established and put into operation. In 2015, acquired the land for Fuxiang Production Center and established the Center successfully. In July 2016, Fuxiang Group signed license agreement with SPAR and formally joined SPAR family.
Anning Jinfang Commercial Group, established in 1995, is a Chinese local retailing corporation that operates as a chain of department stores, hypermarkets, lifestyle supermarkets, and community-based grocery stores. Headquartered in Kunming, Yunnan. As of the end of 2016, Anning Jinfang has one Premium Department Store, one Forest Spring Resort, three Hypermarkets (over 6000sqm), 12 Shopping Centers (2000-6000sqm), two Supermarkets (1000-2000sqm), and 15 Community-based Stores (100-300sqm) in Yunan province, and owns more than 5,000 employees. As one of the largest grocery retailer in the Yunnan province, Anning Jinfang acquired the License of SPAR in April 2017 to invest retail business in Yunnan province and four regions of Guizhou, the neighboring province. The first SPAR store in Yunnan was officially launched on Feburary 8 2018.
In August 2007, Mutual Benefit supermarket was established in Shigatse, Tibet. In October 2015, the Company entered the Changdu city of Tibet. To provide consumers with quality life necessities, and with the company's value of honesty, trustworthiness, people-oriented, customer first, it strives to provide consumers with quality products and sincere and professional services always. In September 2019, Mutual Benefit entered Chengdu, Sichuan, and officially joined SPAR in 2020.