Beijing Long Distance Walk Carnival

Published on: 2013-05-30
SPAR Beijing Takes Place in Beijing Long Distance Walk Carnival
On May 11th, the Beijing International Long Distance Walk Carnival 2013 took place in Changgou Town in southwest Beijing's Fangshan District. Twelve international faculty members from BFSU participated in the Carnival. Representatives and faculty members from Beijing governments, enterprises, universities, communities and all walks of life participated in the Carnival. SPAR Beijing has teamed up with the sponsor party to set up 14 service stations on the route, providing the walking participants with water, drinks, bread, sausages, milk, chips, fresh cucumber, tomato and the like food, so as the food safety guaranteed.

In addition, SPAR Beijing staff also participated in the Carnival. They met in front of the Fangshan World Geology Park at 9 a.m. and set out the long walking with company colored flags, which shows the good spirits of youth and vitality, and good health and wellness of SPAR People.
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