Big Buyers Visit DC and Taste Self-served Food

Published on: 2013-09-12
SPAR Shanxi Welcome Big Buyers Visit DC and Taste Self-served Food
Prepaid Card Big Buyers DC Visiting and Self-served Food Tasting activity was organized on August 17th at Qingxu DC.

It is a good opportunity to sell prepaid card at the Mid-Autumn Festival, so SPAR Shanxi organized 65 loyalty prepaid card big buyers visiting SPAR Qingxu DC and Tasting self-served sausages and pastries on the morning of August 17th. As SPAR Shanxi’s loyalty customers and potential cooperation clients, they averagely purchased RMB 100,000 to 500,000 valued prepaid cards from SPAR Shanxi every year.

The objective of this activity is to close the relationship between SPAR Shanxi and Potential Customers, to be aware of the food safety management and development goal, to be confidence on the company future growing, and therefore to develop business cooperation for both SPAR Shanxi and those potential clients.
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