Building up Circulation Systems

Published on: 2013-07-01
Building up Circulation Systems for Fresh Agriculture Produce in Shanxi
On June 19th, SPAR China Managing Director Tobias was invited by Provincial Commercial Affair Bureau and took part in the workshop on building up circulation systems for fresh agriculture products in Shanxi. Participants from various fields including commerce, finance, agriculture, CASS, agriculture produce circulation enterprises, rural agriculture cooperatives as well as farmers joined in this workshop, communicated with global leading SPAR model directly.

Mr. Sun Yue, the Minister of Provincial Commercial Affair Bureau presided over this workshop. MD Tobias delivered his speech on how to make producers confidence to grow and encourage them to supply to stores directly so as to link rural retail and small scale producers. Tobias explained in three sections. Firstly, he showed the matured SPAR SA best practice and introduced SPAR model and development. Secondly, SPAR China and its five partners, especially the SPAR Shanxi Qingxu DC are detailed introduced to all the participants at the workshop. At last, he discussed and exchanged ideas on specific matters with some participants.

SPAR Shanxi as one of the key partners of SPAR Group, Tobias said SPAR China is delighted to further enhance cooperation with SPAR Shanxi, however, building up circulation systems for fresh agriculture products requires joint work and support with the local government and enterprises. He also emphasized that finance, infrastructure, technical assistance, and coordination are four key criteria.

Mr. Sun Yue made a summary speech after Tobias’s speech. He acknowledged SPAR Shanxi’s contribution and achievement in the development of rural retail project in recent years. Last year, Shanxi province was designated as the trail base for modern agriculture produce circulation projects by State Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Finance. Since then, Shanxi is going to build up circulation systems for fresh agriculture produce integrating farm wholesale, rural retail store, direct supply as well as online business. “Link rural store and producer” is going to be main trends of retail development, SPAR Shanxi will be the innovator in this campaign.

“How to motivate farmers’ enthusiasm, linking small-scale producers with market, supply linked to demand”. This is what we are constantly focusing on and thinking about. Let’s go into actions to build up improved and perfect circulation systems for fresh agriculture produce.
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