"Buy Products Donate Charity"Program

Published on: 2017-11-30
SPAR Guangdong Launches “Buy Products Donate Charity” Program
“I want to go to school!” For someone, it is easy. However, in poverty areas, not all of school-age children are able to attend school. To help those children from low-income families, SPAR Guangdong and Dongguan Walanzhan Commonwealth Fund launched a charity program “Buy Products Donate Charity".
During 16th November and 29th November, shoppers are encouraged to buy designated products at any of SPAR stores in Guangdong, and a portion of the purchase will be donated to the Charity Fund by SPAR Guangdong and brands.

Totaling 59 brands support this charity program covering the categories of clothing, food, drinks and nonfood. Among which, some brands donate a percentage of sales to Charity Fund, like Weidendorf Yogurt donate 8 percent of their sales, and Hengda Ice drinking water donate 5 percent of sales. However, some brands donate based on the sales volume, like Anchor, for every box sold, they donate 5 yuan to Charity Fund. Also, some other brands give money directly, Zhongyu directly donates 7,500yuan to Charity Fund. All donations given to “Walanzhan” shall be used to support out-of-school children, by grade, at elementary and secondary schools, covering the regions of Dongguan, Qingyuan, Meizhou and surrounding areas.

“As one with our community, it is our responsibility to support children in needs, to help them grow up with happiness and contentment, to do something,” SPAR Guangdong comments. Over the past 25 years, SPAR Guangdong has never stopped to carrying out social welfare programs, like walking programs, charitable sales, support for children from immigrants workers’ families. By doing this, SPAR Guangdong allows the “collaborative loving” values to guide their practice, and influences people positively.
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