Cashiers Training and Skills Competition

Published on: 2018-04-23
SPAR Beijing Cashiers Training and Skills Competition
On March 28, SPAR Beijing organized a successful work skills competition to showcase and inspire excellence in skills and quality to be the best cashier. There are over 40 cashiers from 8 member regions participated in this event. The job of a cashier involves daily handling of money. So, strong numerical skill and quick cash counting skill are required to perform this job flawlessly. Besides, being a cashier involves constant interaction with customers. A good cashier can clear a long lineup in minutes and make everyone’s day brighter. Cash Counting and Customer Service are two interesting games designed for this competition. Cashiers are one of the most common positions in our stores.

In SPAR China we believe People Make A Different, getting a job as a cashier is as extraordinary as getting other positions. SPAR China invests considerable efforts into the training of best quality of cashiers and providing pleasant shopping experience for our customers.
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