CCFA China Retail Chain Achievement Award

Published on: 2017-11-10
CCFA China Retail Chain Achievement Award: Xiao Ying, SPAR Beijing
2017 CCFA China National Retail Congress held in Chongqing November 2. General Manager of SPAR Beijing has received a prestigious award for “China Retail Chain Achievement” from the China Chain Store and Franchise Association (CCFA).

Established 20 years ago, SPAR Beijing started off as a small 240sqm grocery store and has grown to be a local leading retailer with multi-formats of chained stores, department stores, shopping center and online business. SPAR Beijing is for everyone in Fangshan District. “Local leading retailer, community involvement and consumer service” is the key strategy for SPAR Beijing’s business.  

The newly SPAR Beijing Guan Zhuang store, as one of the best-class SPAR stores, reopened this July after renovation, offering over 150 categories of fresh fruits & vegetables, dry food and nonfood. Fresh products occupy roughly 40% of the store offerings. It adjusted the operating area from the previous 2700 sqm to today’s 1200 sqm.

Located in a smaller premise, SPAR Guan Zhuang store is redesigned to cater for the rising number of young households and students while adapting to deliver more fresh and food-to-go products to local community. It combines themed merchandising, “island” layout designing, comfortable light, communications, and facilities, creating a more pleasant shopping destination.

What’s more, SPAR Guan Zhuang store facilitates wider choice for customers by bringing in more franchised merchants in Kids Education, Entertainment, Health & Wellness, Laundry, Food Market, as well as leading FMCC brands. By doing this, the cost is reduced and a comprehensive life service destination is built to catering for the needs of local community. “The sales of this 1200sqm store shall not less than that of the previous 2700sqm store.” Said Madam Xiao Ying.

At present, SPAR Beijing launched 3 new openings in 2017 and plans to launch 4 more new stores, including 1 hypermarket, 1 supermarket, and 2 convenience stores. Worth to mention, 3 of the new openings will be unveiled in November soon.
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