Chairman of SPAR SD Won CCFA Award

Published on: 2015-11-30
Chairman of SPAR Shandong Won CCFA Lifetime Achievement Award
2015 China Shop and 17th China Retail Industry Convention was held in Wuhan on November 6. The results of lifetime achievement award of Chinese retailing unveiled at the congress, Mr. Wang Peihuan the chairman of SPAR Shandong is the winner of this prestigious award.

This is the most prestigious award and the highest honor for distinguished Chinese retailing leadership, who dedicated all his/her energy to the development of retailing and has had major influence in emerging retail market. To win this award, the one should meet three conditions: first, devote his/her energy in retail chain research and management for more than 20 years; second, be the leadership of one of top 100 retail chain companies more than 10 years; third, over the age of 60. It also requires that the company with his/her leadership now grows to be the leading company in industry, and the business pattern he/she created has influenced noticeably the Chinese retail chain in its progress.

Mr. Wang Peihuan is the chairman and general manager of Shandong Jiajiayue Supermarket Co. And with his leadership, Jiajiayue Co grown from the smallest secondary sugar and wine wholesaler decades ago to today’s largest chained group with more than 600 stores and supermarkets in Shandong. In November 2004, Jiajiayue Group entered agreement with SPAR the world’s largest voluntary retail chain, became the first membership of SPAR in China, which speed up its pace of retail development in line with international practice. At many times, the president of CCFA Madam Guo commented that SPAR Shandong strengthen the confidence of Chinese retailing development which is the most significant contribution it has made.

During the congress period, SPAR Shandong and 23 well-known Chinese retailers jointly announced the establishment of a global collective purchase platform. With SPAR Shandong’s geographical advantages and the China South Korea free trade regulations, SPAR Shandong shall play a leading and exploratory role in the field of cross-boarder free trade by taking various business measures, putting full efforts to build China South Korea free trade marketing platform, integrating all participant’s oversea purchasing resources and finally bringing consumers with more valued world products.

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