Dolfinarium Sponsorship

Published on: 2012-04-23

Dolfinarium Sponsorship

Mariëlle Witjes, marketing manager of SPAR Netherlands, handed over the cheque to the general manager of the Dolfinarium in Harderwijk.

North Sea Area
"Through the generosity of SPAR, this North Sea Area can be created within our park which will enable visitors to see and discover the creatures and their habitat in a sea which is so close by," said Marten Foppen, general manager of the Dolfinarium.Within the area there will be a summer and a winter hotel in which more unusual visitors to the North Sea can be found. Within the Laboratorium there will be a lot to discover such as the metamorphosis of a flatfish which switches from horizontal to vertical swimming.The unique story of the orca Morgan will also be part of the North Sea Area attraction. "Although she no longer lives in the Dolfinarium we plan to include a lot of information about her," added Mr Foppen.

From January to March, SPAR organised a national savings campaign for consumers: the Garfield Stickermania. With this it was possible for consumers to earn stickers when they were doing grocery shopping featuring the slogan 'All animals of the ocean'. Arising from this campaign, SPAR opted to sponsor a total of four animal parks in The Netherlands.

"In exchange for the sponsorship, the Dolfinarium will provide guided tours for children and their friends who were active participants in the campaign," explained Mariëlle Witjes. "In this way, children will be able to learn more about the sea life and the park also benefits from our campaigns."
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