E-commerce Strategic Cooperation

Published on: 2014-04-30
Yihaodian-SPAR SX E-commerce Strategic Cooperation Press Conference
Today (April 16, 2014), Shanxi large scale chain store SPAR SX and online store player Yihaodian hold their strategic cooperation press conference at Bingzhou Hotel of Taiyuan, with vice governor of Shanxi Mr. Wang Yixin, vice secretary general of Shanxi Mr. Sheng Dianqing, vice mayor of Taiyuan city Mr. Shou Weiguang, and more provincial-level officers together with Chairman of SPAR SX Mr. Chu Dequn (chair of M-S Enterprises in Taiyuan leadership workshop, University of Beijing), Chairman of Yihaodian presented onsite. As one of the largest retail groups in Shanxi, Hebei and Inner-Mongolia regions, SPAR SX ties up with national B2C giant to accelerate its “network” shifts, targeting at the future world of e-commerce, while this is an essential move for yihaodian “taking a root” in Middle and West part of China since its O2O development. SPAR SX flagship store embedded in yihaodian platform will formally go alive on April 17th (http://meetall.yhd.com)

This is a new trial move between yihaodian and SPAR SX under the background of O2O development trends, which shall be rolled out in multi-dimensions online and offline. SPAR SX shall open its online flagship store at yihaodian.com and integrate all their offline stores for marketing and end-user delivery service; while yihaodian will offer packaged e-commerce solutions and share their advanced supply chain system with SPAR SX. In addition, both parties shall promote their online and offline membership data for marketing and share their numerous quality products; hence, their market resources and category structures are mutually complementary.

At the launching ceremony of press conference, Shanxi commerce department deputy director Mr. Zhangwen, Shanxi commerce department monitor Sun Zhaolang, Taiyuan vice mayor Shou Weiguang, Taiyuan Commerce Bureau Chairman Gao Yicheng, CCFA Secretary General Pei Liang, Yihaodian Chairman Mr. Yu Gang, SPAR SX Chairman Mr. Chu Dequn touched the crystal ball together, which reflects the strategic cooperation between yihaodian and SPAR SX formally starts-up.

Mr. Chu Dequn chairman of SPAR SX Group said, “yihaodian takes advantages of leading e-commerce experience, core technology and supply chains. SPAR SX will benefit from this strategic cooperation for building up a stable foundation for SPAR SX e-commerce operation, this move just like embedding an e-commerce DNA into SPAR SX body. Meanwhile, the launch of yihaodian SPAR SX flagship store addresses the connections between online and offline end users and breaks through the geographic constraints, offering customers with a more convenience shopping experience, fulfilling the vision of save force, save money and save time. What is more, both party shall further promote the establishment of e-commerce catchment, educate more local e-commerce talents, achieving a win-win grand coalition, creating a first-class new e-commerce pattern. ”

Mr. Yu Gang chairman of Yihaodian said, “In the context of traditional retailers maintain the dominant retailing market while e-commerce is emerging as an inevitable trend, the e-commerce development in traditional retail sector is increasingly needed, it is an inevitable that e-commerce player tie up with traditional retailer, fulfilling the complementary advantages. Yihaodian’s operation experience and expertise in e-commerce sector can facilitate SPAR SX’s e-commerce progress, in turn, SPAR SX’s geographical advantages will facilitate Yihaodian to serve Shanxi market and end users and improve the brand awareness. We wish further develop this O2O business pattern with SPAR SX and which can be copy rapidly in other regions of Shanxi province and even nationwide, create more value for our users and retailers, so as to achieve win-win situation. ”

As mentioned by Mr. Chu Dequn, toward the coming 3 years, SPAR SX shall build up a pan logistic system covering all Shanxi regions based on functional advantages of “Qingxu RDC” (RegionalDistribution Center) and the foundations of self-owned supply chain of Yihaodain, improve CDC (Central Distribution Center)’s matching facilities and existing supply chain system, so as to delivery various products to home of our shoppers and users. At the same time, SPAR SX has the intention to build a high-tech grouped e-commerce innovation industry garden specializing in the fields of e-commerce business in the coming 3 years: build up e-commerce technology zone, hotel, administrative building, warehouse, innovative buildings and etc; wholly-invest to support internet platform service for e-commerce business trade, marketing and promotion; create various of YOUTAO products and private labeled products and set up a product research center; led the registered enterprises in the technology zone for good business partnership; offer wholly-invested media, society, marketing, software, warehouse and customer service platform, which shall greatly support the rapid upgrading of E-commerce in Shanxi.

Shanxi Commerce Department Monitor Mr. Sun Zhaolang said, “In recent year, E-commerce in China is growing rapidly which has already involved in various sectors of our society, economy and daily life, become a new channel for enterprise exploring the market home and aboard, reducing operation cost, improving the efficiency of circulation, a new choice for consumers experiencing convenience, and a new drive for governments pushing domestic demands, developing economy and optimizing industrial structure. The huge application space of e-commerce has also drive in the rapid growth of e-commerce service business. It becomes the key driving force for adapting economy structure and shifting development approaches, and one of the key ways facilitating employment. In addition, e-commerce breaks through the constraints of time, distance and regions, integrates information flow, capital flow and products flow, expands circulation channel, improves circulation efficiency, reduces circulation costs, urges the formation of large circulation and market in standard and trustworthy way. As the new exploitation of O2O, Yihaodian SPAR SX Flagship Store is going to open soon which reflects Shanxi E-commerce development flips a new page. ”

Yihaodian-SPAR SX Flagship Store Introduction

I. E-Commerce Introduction
Yihaodian-SPAR SX Store is an integrative e-commerce platform of Shanxi SPAR SX Chain Store Co., Ltd., a strategic cooperation project with China’s leading online supermarket Yihaodian benefiting from its strong website resources, offering the service of online retail, local lifestyle, delivery and data analysis.

SPAR SX has entered into a MOU and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Yihaodian on Feb. 26th 2014, which is the start up of e-commerce times. Striving to combine brand recognitions of traditional retailers and best practice of Yihaodian’s innovative online retail, benefiting from the company strength and policy support, further pushing forward the establishment of e-commerce catchment zone, and rapidly improving the e-commerce development level in Shanxi.

April 2014 SPAR SX E-commerce – SPAR SX Flagship Store officially opened at Yihaodian.com, reflecting a new story page of Shanxi-Inner-Mongolia e-commerce.

II. The Purpose of E-Commerce Project

Yihaodian SPAR SX Flagship Store aims to provide consumers with the best trustworthy products and best quality service with its 21 years of achievements. Take a supermarket home, enjoy the fantastic online shopping at home.

III. Current status of E-commerce

SPAR SX has set up various departments for its e-commerce business including IT, Finance, Web Design, Operation, Marketing, HR, Goods picking up and etc. , taking a full preparation for its e-commerce development.

Based on SPAR SX Agriculture Products Processing and Distribution Centerl, Meetalal sets up international leading e-commerce warehouse, and also combines the advance logistic management concepts and adopts world-class WMS RedPrairie system, which facilitates the improvement of warehouse efficiency. At present, there are over hundreds of front-end delivery point and self picking up point set up in urban area, and transportation tools (electric bikes) equipped for quick delivery.

IV. Advantages of E-commerce

1. Over 10 thousand ranges of products available, one stop shopping experience

Yihaodian-SPAR SX Store available: grains/oil/flavorings, food & beverage, imported food, personal care, maternity and infant, home furnishing, private label brands, local featured products totaling eight categories, meanwhile, the fresh category is under preparation and will be shelved soon in the near future, then create a full category e-commerce platform.

2. Advanced logistic, exclusive delivery, all products will be delivered home in a safe and fast way

World-class DC offer the most scientific and safe goods storage and delivery management. At present, orders placed before 20:00 pm will be picked up on the same day and arrived at the shopper next day. Within Taiyuan urban areas, there are over hundreds of distribution points covering every corner in the main urban areas, which guaranteeing the fast delivery. In addition, SPAR SX plans to build up its own courier company, which laid a solid foundation for its delivery schedule.

3. Multiple Payment method – more choice, more convenience

Many different payment methods are accepted which maximize the shopping convenience.

4. Large traffic flow, good reputation, and good brand value

SPAR SX have 1 million members, its annual customer counts is up to 64 million capita, and well recognized brand value and service, all these help to reduce the cost for turning offline membership to online membership. At the mean time, it helps to understand both online and offline consumers’ consumption habits and behavior, and bring more value for mastering big data in the future.

5. upgrading supplying channels, better quality lower price

Breaking through the traditional retail supplying channels and improving existent operation pattern, products offered online at a lower price, offering a better online shopping experience.

V. Future planning and development in E-commerce

SPAR SX put its store on the “Clouds”, which successfully changed the traditional business pattern, improved the competitiveness of Yihaodian and realized a more convenience lifestyle for citizens, which is a win-win-win initiative.

In the future, SPAR SX E-commerce plans to establish the largest “Regional O2O E-commerce Platform in Shanxi”. And SPAR SX Courier Company shall also put into commission facilitating the expectation of fast delivery. What is more, it is planned to speed up the construction of distribution centers in four cities (Taiyuan-Datong-Changzhi-Yuncheng) with the aim to coordinating the regional distributions and deploying the storages at reasonable level, which is a strong support for SPAR SX supermarkets and e-commerce development.

By then SPAR SX e-commerce shall not only fulfill the requirements of regional citizens but expand nationwide by bring real quality e-commerce service for citizens.
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