Emergency Relief Supplies to Landslides Area

Published on: 2017-07-03
SPAR Sichuan Sends Emergency Relief Supplies to Landslides Area at Mao County
A landslide crashed into Xinmo Village at Diexi Town Mao County on June 24, in the central hill areas of Sichuan Province, over 100 people have been buried. Once getting the bad news, SPAR Store located at Mao County formed up a rescue team immediately and send emergency relief materials to local disaster relief warehouse for central distribution, including drinking water, milk, instant noodles and food. SPAR Sichuan shall closely follow up on the people affected by the disaster and respond to the needs they found around them.

The SPAR Store at Mao County was launched in 2002, which is very close to local government buildings. As a middle-sized supermarket, it covers an operating area of 700 square meters and a warehouse of 400 square meters, offering local retired seniors, office workers and surrounding residents with an extensive of food, health & beauty, and general merchandise for daily life. It serves 900 people everyday with daily sales RMB 35,000 yuan and basket size RMB 39 to RMB 43. 

SPAR Sichuan, as one of leading local retailer, operates hypermarkets and supermarkets in Chengdu, Nanchong, Aba County, Ganzi County with extensive materials and food for emergency relief. Responsible retailing is key issue high up on our agenda at SPAR. SPAR Sichuan shall combine our efforts to support disaster-affected people.
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