Encourage Cashier to Work More Quickly Campaign

Published on: 2013-05-30
Campaign to Encourage Cashier to Work More Quickly
In order to implement SPAR Beijing Quality Year concept, create a good skill-learning atmosphere, encourage staff to work with innovative passion and rate cashiers’ working performance and skills, SPAR Beijing cashier checkout speed campaign has been kicked off with the support of HR department in Beijing Training Center on May 7th. 30 participants took place in this campaign and with 3 different tests of “typing speed”, "checkout customer out quickly”, "money counting”, and the cashiers who have shown the best level of professional skills will be awarded.

It is manifested that the job of cashiers is not an easy work everyday, the more challenging is that they are managing their own business to achieve self-ambitious. We believe that this is only a start program for SPAR Beijing Quality Year, people will be more conscious of the significance of good quality. 
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