Environment-friendly Angel

Published on: 2015-07-02
SPAR Beijing "Environment-Friendly Angel – to Exchange Second Hand Items"
SPAR Beijing organized an “Environmental-friendly Angel – to exchange second hand items” event together with BETTER English training school at SPAR Changyang Store on June 13th. This event is designed to practice children’s communication, finance and analytical skills.

Each family participating in this event are welcome to share and exchange their unwanted toys, dolls, books, stationery as well as clean clothing for free commission. In addition to enjoy the fun of the items exchange, BETTER English training school also prepared an interesting auction for children practicing their language in English, people are very pleased and thrilled to join in this event on the day.

Kids and their families have enjoyed and learned a lot from this event, especially the children aware the importance of thrifty, recycling, energy saving and environment protection. We will have a better life if we live and consume in a healthy and environmental friendly way.

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