Establishment of China Products Traceability System

Published on: 2017-07-25
Conference on Establishment of China Products Traceability System Held in Weihai
On Friday, July 7th 2017, Conference on Establishment of China Products Traceability System was held in Weihai, Shandong Province. A delegation team highly recognized the ways of working of SPAR Shandong in new technology application and the increasing number of traceability products in the supply chain after visiting SPAR premium store at Dragon Mall and Jiajiayue Weihai Distribution Center.
The delegation team visited SPAR premium store to understand the workflow of seafood, meat, fresh produce’s traceability system at store level, which enable shoppers to scan QR code or use in-store Enquiry Self-service tools for traceability information in detail.

The delegation team also visited SPAR Shandong’s fresh distribution center to oversee the working of products pesticide residue analysis, supply chain standardization, goods receiving and shipping. They think highly of SPAR Shandong’s practices for standard quality control system, standard transportation carriers, RFID-based goods receiving system, real-time monitoring of the cold chain, which setting a good example for other national peers who seek to build products traceability system.      
SPAR Shandong, as the local largest retailer, is leading the way of establishing China products traceability system by focusing on the traceability activities throughout the supply chain (production, distribution and sales). The freshness, quality and food safety are therefore guaranteed.

With over 200 local cooperatives supporting SPAR Shandong’s “from farm to store” program, SPAR Shandong purchases products directly from farmland, and sets standards for planting, harvesting, transportation, distribution, procession, and merchandising, creates greater agricultural products traceability activities from the front-end of supply chain.
SPAR Shandong established an agricultural products inspection center, which equipped with the state-of-the-art testing facilities. All of the fresh produce can only be sold with qualified certificate, which shall be publicized and updated on Electronic Certification Sharing Platform at store level. In addition, SPAR Shandong boasts world-class temperature controlled transportation system with GPS tracking and temperature sensor monitoring to keep cargo safe with real-time temperature updates and threshold alerts.

All of fresh produce traceability of SPAR Shandong achieved at store level as well, making shoppers easier to track the produce from its point of origin to a retail location, including information of producer, purchase date, products variety, quality inspection and quarantine results, by scanning the QR Code on price tags or checking on in-store Enquiry Self-service facility.
SPAR Shandong is now actively involved in establishing food traceability system. For sustainable traceability system, It implements the best practices that facilitate enhanced traceability of fresh produce and meat products, supplies traceability products for over 630 stores in Shandong provinces, and brings the tracking system and ERP system together.
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