First Climate Protection Store in Upper Austria

Published on: 2012-05-07
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First Climate Protection Store in Upper Austria
The SPAR climate protection store in Linz is the first commercial property in Upper Austria which has been granted a gold certification by ÖGNI (Austrian Society for sustainable real estate industry). 

This internationally recognised certificate was awarded because of the use of latest technology - from low energy design, LED lighting through to an electrical filling station. On April 18th the groundbreaking ceremony for the new SPAR climate protection store in Linz was held. The opening is planned for autumn 2012. 

The district of Linz Froschberg, site of the new SPAR climate protection store, is one of the most popular residential districts of the capital of Upper Austria due to its location: close to nature and the city centre. "In the immediate catchment area about 8,000 people live", says Jakob Leitner, Managing Director of SPAR central office Marchtrenk, when explaining the motives for the site selection. 

First ÖGNI Gold in Upper Austria 
ÖGNI is an initiative of Austrian companies and institutions to establish sustainable planning, construction and real estate management in Austria. An ÖGNI certificate can only be awarded if a comprehensive and integral list of criteria is met. 

More than Energy Efficient Construction 
The certificate is not limited to structural climate protection solutions but also includes additional sustainable aspects, including socio-cultural and functional features. The special features of the SPAR climate protection store in Linz are natural landscaping of green areas, the electric filling station and the noise-free delivery by trucks. A true highlight is the open space concept for the visually and hearing impaired people. 

50 % Less Energy Use than a Standard Supermarket 
The use of modern technology will allow the annual reduction of energy expenditure by 50% compared to a standard supermarket. This means a reduction of CO2 emissions by 80 tonnes per year. The store in Linz will not remain a stand alone climate protection store in Upper Austria. "Some of the features implemented in SPAR climate protection stores over Austria have already been carried out in various SPAR locations in Upper Austria" explains Mr Leitner, referring to the existing store in Molln und Wels. "With every new or converted store, SPAR reduces the energy consumption by a third through new technologies" concluded Mr Leitner.
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