Food safety: a look into SPAR Shandong’s farming fields

Published on: 2021-01-28
With increasing standard of living, shoppers are paying greater attention to fresh produce of high quality. The farm to store program is part of its food quality control initiative, which is playing a vital role in safeguarding food quality and safety for their shoppers.Today, let’s walk into a vegetable farm of Qingyi Cooperative at Lijia Village and look into how does the partner JJY Group safeguard the food safety from the beginning of production. 

From farm to store

At the organic vegetable farm of Lijia Village, growers of the Cooperative harvest their vegetables and make them ready for transportation to central Songcun Distribution Center of SPAR Shandong and send them for store delivery nationwide. So far, SPAR Shandong has established direct sourcing partnerships with over 200 cooperatives and farms, and has entered into five-year or even longer agreements with over 100 fresh suppliers, which allow the partner achieve 85% of farm direct sourcing of agri-food.

Quality control procedures

All fresh vegetables are strictly monitored and checked from the production to merchandising.
SPAR Shandong has entered strategic cooperation agreements with research organizations to set standards in direct sourcing procedures from production to retailing. Moreover, onsite training and order-oriented production approach not only help fresh suppliers improve their farming techniques but also ensure standardized planting process.  
By adopting standardized production management tools, SPAR Shandong’s fresh producers can monitor the seeds, environment, soil, water, fertilizer, and temperatures in the fields. This approach helps to grow more organic products.

Digital monitoring system

A remote visual monitoring system in the field of exclusive suppliers allows SPAR Shandong’s central office to monitor fields, support the whole production process, and record information of planting, fertilizing, watering and harvesting.

Through united cooperation all shall benefit together

As one of the first companies implementing from farm to store initiative designated by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Commerce, SPAR Shandong has achieved remarkable results in leading the development of national grocery supply chains. For retailers, this an effective approach for lessen products shrinkage and cost-effective due to the cut of intermediate processes. For consumers, they not only get the ingredients at affordable prices, but more importantly, they have access to buy fresh, safe and nutrition agri-food. For farmers, this initiative helps nurture a healthy agricultural community. Vegetables grown in the fields are quality guaranteed and catering to consumers’ emerging needs. And the market is very stable. Meanwhile, they can use modern farming knowledge and skills to scale their planting, increase production and income, and ultimately benefit our community. Enterprises, farmers, and consumers all benefit.

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