“From Farm to Store”Conference

Published on: 2014-07-07
SPAR from farm to store
SPAR Shandong Yantai Agriculture Produce Base “From Farm to Store” Conference
SPAR Shandong Yantai Agriculture Produce Base “From Farm to Store” conference, jointly organized by Yantai Commerce Bureau, Agriculture Bureau, Livestock Bureau and SPAR Shandong, is held at Donghai Hotel Laishan District Yantai on June 11, over 100 representatives from Longkou, Laiyang, Fushan, Laishan and other regions participate in this conference.

Mr. Ding of SPAR Shandong introduced the objective of this conference and the strength of SPAR Shandong, appealing agriculture produce bases to coordinate with SPAR Shandong for future win-win development. “From Farm to Store” is a practice of rural and urban market development concept and an innovative practice of agriculture produce circulation for developing an appropriate circulation pattern adaptive to Chinese market conditions and optimizing agriculture produce supply chain. In this new pattern, supermarket involves in the complete process of agriculture production, processing and circulation by virtue of their market information and management strength, providing full service of production technology, logistic distribution, market information consultation and products sales for farmers, which is a strong link between farmer and market. In this method, the small scale production of farmers and large market efficiency is well connected; circulation drives production, and increase farmer’s income.

This “From Farm to Store” conference of SPAR Shandong have been well received and recognized by all representatives, many of them have a face to face discussion with Mr. Ding and relevant principal of SPAR Shandong fresh buying department, consulting information and expressing their intention of partnership with SPAR Shandong.
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