Guzhen Huayi Store Grand Opening

Published on: 2017-03-06
SPAR Guangdong Announces Guzhen Huayi Store Grand Opening
SPAR Guangdong unveils another new opening at an old town Guzhen Huayi on January 16 2017. This is the fourth location followed the previous Tongle Store, Century New City Store and Chengdongming Store in Zhongshan market. This new store is located at the basement floor of Huayi Square.

As a part of 13,973 square meters Huayi Square, SPAR supermarket covers an operating area of 7,075 square meters, and the department store covers an operating area of 6,898 square meters. SPAR supermarket brings local consumers with a wide range of imported products, fresh produces, fruits, deli food, bakery, drinks, and snacks.

SPAR supermarket has distinguished itself by establishing elegant and modern shopping environment in addition to quality products and service, such as seating area, free WIFI, free gift packing service, lottery, mobile phone and more convenience-based service.

To celebrate this new opening, SPAR launched a series of promotion activities during the opening period.
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