Inner Mongolia Charity Potato

Published on: 2011-10-25
Sales of SPAR Inner Mongolia Charity Potato are Skyrocketing
Sales of SPAR Inner Mongolia charity potato are skyrocketing, there are over 50 tons of potatoes are sold in the first selling day. Given the difficulties in selling farm produce especially potatoes in this year in Inner Mongolia, SPAR Jiajiayue Company response quickly and send people to Damao in Inner Mongolia, being the first hypermarket arrived in this place to help this matters, which are especially interviewed by China Central Television. SPAR Jiajiayue signed an agreement with local farmers on Oct.10th with the purpose to buy 3000 tons potatoes from them. In the evening of Oct.12th, the first delivery of 80 tons Mongolia potatoes arrived at Song village after 45 hours transportation, and well accepted; in order to transport the fresh potatoes to each store, they offered green channel for products examination, quality check and assortment. There are special counts in each store to sell those charity potatoes by cost price. Thanks to their good quality, low price, they are warmly welcomed by customers and the sells were a great success with over 50 tons of potatoes sold on the first day Otc.13th. In this way, we not only solved the problem of selling difficulties of farm produce, but also provided high quality and low price potatoes for local consumers with much value.
In the mean while, SPAR Jiajiayue put more efforts on the promotion of potatoes, for example, arranged more people to responsible for merchandising, offered “potato feast” in different stores, and introduced in more new way of eating, which are extremely popular. Since more and more potatoes are transported to Weihai, Shangdong, SPAR Jiajiayue is working hard to contact distribution center for potato storage, solving the difficulties of sells and storage. Next step, SPAR Jiajiayue is planning to establish a potato base in Inner Mongolia, maintain a long-term buying-selling relationship with local farmers so as to provide a stable selling channel and ensure farmer’s potatoes be sold well.
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