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Published on: 2017-09-29
SPAR Unveils the First Store in Chenzhou on September 20
On September 20th, SPAR unveils the first store in Chenzhou, bringing local consumers with new and premium shopping experience. With the first opening of SPAR store in Chenzhou, it signaled the ambition of SPAR Guangdong to move beyond its Guangdong origins and to develop on new regions.

To develop its business, SPAR Guangdong joined in SPAR family in November 2006, become a member of the world’s largest voluntary retail chain. Today, SPAR Guangdong was present in 8 key cities in Guangdong province, operating totaling 78 SPAR branded stores. With the initiatives of SPAR Guangdong in cooperating with large-scale commercial complexes, SPAR Guangdong is ambitious to extend SPAR concept into new cities and regions in 2017. Following the partnership with new independent retailer, SPAR Guangdong opens the first SPAR store in Chenzhou, Hunan province.

This SPAR store is located at the B1 floor of Friends International Plaza covering an operating area of 3,000sqm. With the SPAR principle “fresh, choice, value and service”, SPAR store introduces in good value and quality products which collective sourced both locally and internationally, including global seafood, local specialties and dishes, Sushi, steaks, European bakery products to name just a few. The SPAR Brand Private Label range, the best choice for shoppers, was introduced with high quality at a low price.
SPAR modern retail practices and facilities changed the independent retailer’s traditionally store operation methods. This new SPAR store incorporates the “cut-packaging” merchandising solutions for direct and effective marketing. The store offers over 2,000 parking lots and over 20 different types of value-added service. In addition, the “SPAR Members” program is launched, bringing member customers top-end experiential membership experience.

“We do more than sell products, we offer a lifestyle you’ll embrace.” SPAR introduces in a modern shopping experience for local shoppers.
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