Large-scaled Lux Brand Show in SPAR GD Store

Published on: 2013-05-30
Large-scaled Lux Brand Road Show in SPAR Guangdong Store
From May to September, Lux is going to hold 12 road shows with the theme of fresh and clean series items in front of supermarkets in over 10 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, as well as Guangzhou, creating indulgent skin treats for audiences all around China. On May 25th, Lux Road Show was kicked off at Holiday Store, Guangdong, with popular singer Ma Haisheng joined in the Show.
On May 25th, thousands of audiences gathered at the 150 Sqm venue in front of SPAR Guangdong Huangjiang Holiday Store, they are not only welcomed to join in the games of “Cool Experience” “AR Interaction” “Photographing” “Music Fountain ”, but also welcomed to choose the most suitable shower creams and gels. In addition, popular singer Ma Haisheng also took part in the Show and sung two famous songs, all the audience and funs have had a fantastic moment on the show.
Unilever is SPAR Guangdong’s supplier since 2005. In 2009, SPAR China signed collective buying agreement with Unilever and formed a buying team, specializing in central buying management and partnership cooperation business model. Henceforth, SPAR Guangdong and Unilever has committed to initiating in-depth and comprehensive cooperation. Since 2012, SPAR Guangdong and Unilever established promotion model of 4 POS Promotions plus Popular Star Road Show Activity. The Road Show activities has attracted many consumers and has reached great success in the past years, this is a successful story of SPAR Guangdong and Supplier Cooperation.
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