Li Huining CCFA Gold Modal Store Manager

Published on: 2015-11-30
SPAR Beijing's Li Huining CCFA Gold Modal Store Manager
SPAR Beijing’s management team general manager Mrs. Xiao Ying, deputy general manager Yin Xihua, Liu Changming, general manager’s assistant Li Lina, Li Xiangyun, HR Director Du Jingyuan, E-commerce Director Zhao Jianjun and more totaling 20 people attend the 2015 China Shop and 17th China Retail Industry Convention held in Wuhan on November 6. At the convention, 2015 golden medal store managers awarded, among which, Li Huining, store manager of SPAR Beijing Huaguan Shopping Center, was listed as CCFA 2015 Golden Medal Manager. 

The Convention is themed on “Change and Integration: to Rebuild the Retail Values” and sets up different sessions for all participants to discuss about how to bring retailer back to essentials based on modern consumer’s demands, to break through obstacles they may run into and to see new growth. Experts and all delegates share their experiences and achievements on the path of industry transformation and show their new thinking on reinventing value in retailing.
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