Local Youngsters Heading For Social Practice

Published on: 2012-11-14
huaguan social practice
Local Youngsters Heading For Social Practice With SPAR Beijing
On November 2, 2012 SPAR Huaguan and Liang County No.3 Primary School pioneered a social practice campaign under the slogan of “Local youngsters walk into Huaguan”. The students should join in the team of SPAR Huaguan Shopping Center so as to give them a valued opportunity to intimately contact the society, to have more social experience, to enhance their people communication skills and to cultivate a good personality and social responsibility.

At the opening ceremony of this social practice campaign, Mr. Wang, the president from Liang County No.3 Primary School, presented SPAR Huaguan with a pennant. Huaguan operation director Mr. Zhang Xiaolei on behalf of the company accepted the pennant and gave a speech.
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