Member of Shanxi People’s Congress

Published on: 2013-01-04
Mr.Chu Dequn Elected as Member of Shanxi People’s Congress
November 29, 2012, it is an exciting and wonderful day to learn that Mr Chu Dequn won his election with high electoral votes as a member of the 12th people's congress of Shanxi province. It is a great honor and privilege of all the team members of SPAR Shanxi, and it is also a great achievements of the SPAR Shanxi with the concept that "Be kind to customers, Be kind to suppliers, Be kind to personnel ”.

As the CEO of the group, Mr. Chu Dequn always guides the company’s development in light of the advancing organizational culture. In addition, with support and hard work of all the staff in SPAR Shanxi, SPAR Shanxi also makes a great contribution to the development of the society and nation. As a leading retailer in North China region, SPAR Shanxi will take an active role in its social responsibility and mission based on the concept of three “BE KIND”.
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