Membership Group Visit Pork Produce Base

Published on: 2013-10-09
sx walk into livestock breeding farm
SPAR Shanxi Membership Group Visit Pork Produce Base
Go fishing in deep sea, go harvesting in fertile land. This is one of the key action plans for SPAR Shanxi fulfilling internal growth in 2013. In line with this plan, the buyers from business development department are actively expanding and developing private brand; the marketing and advertising center as the key department for brand promoting and development also contribute to promote private brands.

SPAR Shanxi and Suozhou Shanyin Tianpeng Livestock Breeding Farm confirmed its cooperation to build up a special SPAR Shanxi PL Pork Supplying Base with over 60,000 pigs every year. SPAR Shanxi decided to organize a “Visiting Livestock Breeding Farm, assured consumption at SPAR Shanxi Stores” themed activity to promote Tianpeng Pork via DM, Magazine, and in-store Communications. In the mean time, the top 30 pork spending customers during August 7th to September 8th got the opportunity to visit livestock breeding farm.

On September 14th, the group of customers and SPAR Shanxi relevant leaders arrived at the farm and took a close look at the different production process including pig choice, forage quality control, quarantine inspection, pork cutting, cold supply chain, deep processing, and sales. In addition, the visitors are invited to taste the cooked meat on site. All member customers are informed that SPAR Shanxi has established a very strict quality control system, and are aware of the good quality of the products offered by SPAR Shanxi.
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