National Public-Welfare Retail Market Model

Published on: 2018-01-30
SPAR Shandong Jiajiayue re-elected as “National Public-Welfare Retail Market Model”
SPAR Shandong partner Jiajiayue has been re-elected as one of 2018 “National Public-Welfare Retail Market Model” after completing the selection process of nomination, experts assessment and website release, according to announcement of MOC on 12 January.

The MOC made adjustment on 31 market models that awarded in 2017, disqualified 4 markets, added 22 markets, and finally determined 28 agricultural products wholesaler and 21 retailers as the models of national public-welfare agricultural products market.

The public-welfare agricultural products market is an market supported by the government, and plays significant role in guaranteeing market supply, stabilizing market prices, promoting food safety and environment-friendly practices.
In other words, it works to control the quality of agricultural products, benefiting people's livelihood, safeguarding the supply of agricultural products and food safety, ensuring people access to food at lower prices.

SPAR Shandong in recent years gives full play to the advantages of network, buying and logistics to ensure food quality, safety and stable supply of agricultural products whilst still actively engage them in its social cause. 

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