New Iphone App Gives Cooking Instructions

Published on: 2012-03-13
New Iphone App Gives Cooking Instructions from Top Chef
Top chef Beat Caduff has launched the second season of the SPAR-supported cooking show "Menu Surprise" on Swiss television.  The first guests were Ritschi (Andreas Ritschard) and Bali (Alexander Balajew) from the band Plüsch. A new iphone App with recipes and cooking instructions is also available.

With the favourite ingredients of his prominent guests, chef Beat Caduff creates a refined menu within 30 minutes. The guest brings all the ingredients which have just been purchased at SPAR for a pre-determined amount of money. Luck decides on the budget: depending on the choice of the shopping cart the guest will have 30, 50 or 70 Swiss Francs.
 The guest then chooses the ingredients. This might be either a favourite food or something the celebrity is eager to taste. It does not matter whether or not the ingredients fit together. This is not always an easy task for the top chef.

Menu Surprise attracts younger and older generations alike with a combination of informality and entertainment. More than 8 million viewers followed the first season which comprised 32 episodes. The second season of 32 episodes will again be supported by SPAR.

A Menu Surprise iphone app has also been launched. All the recipes are easy to prepare and the list of ingredients for each menu with a matching wine suggestion makes shopping easier. It is also possible to put together a complete menu with existing ingredients. The Menu Surprise app is available in the Apple Store and offers many other useful tools.

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