Poland Delegation Visit SPAR China

Published on: 2018-09-27
Poland Delegation Visit SPAR China to Exchange Experience
A delegation of 70 Poland SPAR colleagues and store owners traveled to China for 3 days of store visiting, meetings and networking events. Senior management from both SPAR China and SPAR Guangdong welcomed and received the delegation from Poland in Guangdong.
The delegation sought to gain deeper insights on how SPAR develops business in the most populous country of the world and how China’s modern retail sector evolves. They visited a number of SPAR stores of different formats around the city.

SPAR South China Mall is a hypermarket launched on November 27 2006. The location is a large three-story shopping center. The store makes use of new technologies such as self-checkout system, face recognition technology and scan-to-pay application to create a faster and easy shopping experience for local residents.

SPAR Keyuan Store, jointly designed and developed by SPAR Intl and SPAR China, is a new generation of customer-focused supermarket. As part of SPAR China’s new Fresh Quality Store strategy, the supermarket aims to meet the growing customer demand for natural, health and quality lifestyle. The store is launched in June 2018.

SPAR Huifeng Center Store is a lifestyle store launched on February 21 2016. Huifeng Center is known as the top-end Commercial and Office Zone in Dongguan. The store adopts stylish merchandising fixtures and unique finishes to develop three-dimensional displays, a good practice to attract, engage and motivate the customer towards making a purchase.

SPAR Dongtai Store is a hypermarket launched on December 2 2004. The store is a diverse mix of local traditions in category assortment to catering to the needs of targeted families in the community. The well-designed shopping environment and consistent service are also highlights in this store, creating a clean, modern, pleasant shopping experience for shoppers.

SPAR Feilishan Store is a lifestyle store unveiled in July 2017, located at a community close to the beautiful Shuilian Hill Park, giving local residents choice of healthy lifestyle.

SPAR Xinghecheng Store is a hypermarket launched in December 2011. This is a high-end store offering customers with quality, natural and personalized products, and inspiring customers to live a healthy and simple lifestyle. Fresh and food choice plus its tailer-made meal solution achieve great success in this SPAR store and meet the needs of shoppers.

The delegation also visited SPAR Guangdong Hongmei Distribution Center to understand our Supply Chain. SPAR Guangdong has been working with Swire Beverages (Coca-Cola) to develop a trial targeted at improving efficiencies in end-to-end supply chain, contributing to a set of standards for vehicles and handling equipment. Based on this work, SPAR Guangdong has been listed as a finalist in the Supply Chain Excellence Awards category of the IGD Awards.
SPAR Poland group expressed keen interest in exploring further collaborations with SPAR Guangdong, reflecting the SPAR concept of “We are Better Together!” SPAR China is pleased to have been able to facilitate the visit and looks forward to more of such exchanges, and would like to thank SPAR Guangdong for their great support in organizing this event. 

About SPAR Poland
Poland became a member of SPAR in 1995 and the first SPAR store opened in 1996. Following a series of changes to the ownership of the company, SPAR Poland now has a strong retail management team in place, catering for the needs of its independent retailers and developing new concepts through its corporate stores. Expansion and growth has been strong over the years and there are now more than 250 SPAR stores open in Poland, serving close to three million customers each month. SPAR Poland’s Head Office is located in Rzeszów, in the southeast of the country.
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