Popular "No.1 Pig" fresh brand

Published on: 2014-12-01
Popular "No.1 Pig" Fresh Brand Offered in SPAR Stores, Dongguan
The popular fresh pork brand "No.1 Pig" were first offered at SPAR Dongtai store, Xinghecheng Store and East Star City store on the morning October 22, further enhancing the competitiveness of SPAR fresh.

The pigs of "No.1 Pig" are well selected Chinese superior pigs breeding with the traditional maize, barley chaff, bean bran and other natural feedingstuff, grow naturally in the green and health way, the taste of meat is tender and juicy, good flavor, good texture. This is an health pig brand developed by professional pork breeder Mr. Chensheng with high-level education background in Beijing University. Even though the retail price of those pork is twice or even triple than the normal pork price, the retail price was even up to RMB70-80 per 500g in Guangzhou, it is very popular in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou metropolitans.

On the first day, shoppers have the opportunity to have a lottery draw if he/she bought No.1 Pig products at SPAR stores, the top prize is a 100kg whole pig, each store has one top prize. Within succeeding 5 days after the opening day, each citizen can get 100g pork free of charge in store. In addition, buy get coupons campaign was lasted 2 weeks.

"People are more concious of the importance of food safety, premium fresh products becomes more and more popular," SPAR Guangdong speaker introduced that, SPAR has entered partnership with No.1 Pig in early days, the sales performance of pork products at other SPAR stores in Guangzhou, Foshan and Huizhou are not bad. Entering into Dongguan market is a great move to improve local fresh presence and SPAR category competitiveness.
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