Products Processing and DC Build up

Published on: 2011-09-07
SPAR SX Agro Products Processing and Distribution Center Build up in Qingxu County
SPAR SX Meetall agriculture products DC, located at Gaohua Village Qingxu County, cover an area of 400 acreages, and the first stage of this project shall use nearly 300 acreages. The whole project shall be built in three stages with total investment RMB 600,000,000 yuan. In the first stage, fresh area and products processing area shall be initiated, with construction area of 30,00 sqm. and 28,800 sqm respectively. The agro products processing area’s working environment shall be kept in low temperature, in these facilities, people pick, wash, cut, and pack the fresh products so that to ensure the store maintains the highest quality standards.

With support from SPAR international WAG, the DC adapted state-of-the-art designing strategy and introduced in RedPrairie Corporation’s DC information system and JDA Retail Management System. This advanced international technology will help the store reaching the targets of sales, less the stock; enhance the efficiency of fund allocation. In addition, it also helps company source the best products from manufacture and farms directly. DC shall extend its commitment to SPAR Meetall Stores in Shanxi for a strict food safety control system, so as to offer environment friendly, safe, and good quality food to the customers.
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