Provincial Government Officers' Visit

Published on: 2018-03-26
Provincial Government Officers' Visit in SPAR Shandong
A delegation of government officers from Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce visited SPAR Shandong during 13 - 14 March to review SPAR Shandong retail business development. The delegations visited SPAR Shandong’s DC and PC, aiming to have profound understanding of multiple business formats of hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores and premium stores, and review the construction of modern supply chain, fresh food production center, as well as smart stores.

Mr. Wang Hongping, the deputy head of Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce, spoke highly of SPAR Shandong's innovative retail model and business practices. He commented that, it is necessary to speed up online & offline retail integration, play a leading role in modern retailing sector, and promote consumption expansion and upgrading.

SPAR Shandong in recent years, along with the changing new retail market and consumer behaviors, has actively taken initiatives to innovate, transform and upgrade its business concepts. Especially, it wins great success in the work of logistics standardization, meat and vegetable traceability systems, the global direct procurement, and multi-format business models. To name some, it was awarded as “the Key Enterprise” of the National Trade Logistics Standardization Program by Ministry of Commerce, “the China Urban Distribution Brand”, and “the Top 10 Innovative Retail Format” (SPAR lifestyle supermarket) in 2017.

SPAR Shandong takes this governmental visit as an opportunity to encourage and spur further business growth in local market. It will continue to lead the retail market, build a one-stop destination for modern shopping experience, and further improve the quality of urban life by leveraging its advantages of strong logistics, fresh produce, direct buying and supplying resources.

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