Purchases Squashes and Potatoes

Published on: 2016-11-11
Responsible Retailing: SPAR SX Purchases Squashes and Potatoes from Local Producers
As a responsible retailing enterprise, SPAR Shanxi has always adhered to the initiatives of the Party and government by reinforcing its support of the agricultural sector and the development of rural communities. Currently, SPAR Shanxi sourced over 10,000 kilograms of squashes and potatoes from local producers. Many of the farmers producing squashes and potatoes cannot access the retail markets on their own and consequently get the harvest quality products going rotten and waste. For this reason, SPAR Shanxi takes actions to support local producers by helping them to sell their producers at SPAR stores. SPAR Shanxi shall continue to support the state poverty-alleviation program and lead the broad masses of people to build a well-off society.  

Farmers at Matuo Village, Yangqu County have achieved a great squashes harvest in this season but lack of sales channels. 200,000 kg of squashes stocked at home and going to be a huge income loss for them. SPAR Shanxi fresh buyers take immediate response upon heard this information, visited the farmland at Matuo village and firstly ordered 10,000 kg squashes. The first order is delivered directly to stores and promoted at stores by strong in-store tasting event.

Xiashi Village, Loufan County, a state-level poverty county, was appointed as the potatoes planting base followed the provincial governmental “one county one business” policy in 2011. Since then, it insists on the development of “unique, brand, technology and special” business. With existing potatoes type No.16, it introduced in new type of potatoes Green No.9 this year. But unfortunately in this harvest season, 90% of harvested potatoes are difficult to gain sales channels. Farmers’ income is seriously affected. Recently, SPAR Shanxi entered cooperation agreement with local governmental departments to solve the overstocked potatoes for farmers. This move benefits not only the farmers, but also our consumers by providing them with quality and fresh products.
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