Pure Taste 'Italia&amore' Premium Food Products

Published on: 2010-12-06
Natural with a Pure Taste 'Italia&amore' Premium Food Products at SPAR
Generally authentic food specialties from Italy are only available in centrally located and expensive stores. SPAR has taken the decision to change this and will from now on offer high quality Italian food products in all larger SPAR. The italia&amore range consists of 84 articles and will exclusively be distributed by SPAR in Switzerland. Never before have so many high quality, exclusive, food products from Italy been sold in Switzerland under one label. The italia&amore specialties are produced with love for detail; every product has its own story. The products are produced by family businesses who produce them based on traditional techniques and without artificial additives and preservatives being added, promising pure taste. A channel of distribution has been chosen which has a focus on passion for food.
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