Salute to our people SPAR Jiajiayue who work in extreme weather

Published on: 2021-01-13
As most parts of northern China see drastic temperature drops and stormy weather, there are few cars and people walking around downtown. To ensure citizens have sufficient food on table, our people at SPAR Jiajiayue stores and warehouses stay on their jobs tirelessly.

At, a new working day begins. Our people at warehouses start to load and transport fresh produce to stores. On streets of the city, you can not only see snow plow trucks working, but also SPAR Jiajiayue freight trucks running through despite these brutally cold days.

After receiving the freshly delivered produce, people at SPAR stores orderly put and arrange them on shelves in a tidy and clean way for better buying choice of shoppers.

During the day, our people at stores are working hard to replenish shelves, especially items in high demand, as quickly as possible to ensure safe and stable daily food supplies. 

Online orders will be packed and delivered to shoppers quickly too, thanks to delivery workers keep working amid the stormy weather.

Bowls of hot ginger soup are prepared for store workers, helping to chase away the cold.

“The good news is there is no food shortage. I am very happy to get what I need here.” a shopper commented. 

Thanks for our people in SPAR Shandong Jiajiayue for their selflessness and hard work. SPAR will always be here with you, be summer or winter, day or night. 
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