Service Skill Practice Campaign Rolled out in BJ

Published on: 2013-07-30
SPAR Beijing service skill practice campaign rolled out in store(1)
SPAR Beijing Service Skill Practice Campaign Rolled out in Store
With the fierce competition from the aspiring e-commerce retailers, traditional retailers are negatively impacted. Today, most consumers prefer to use internet to shop what they want. However, service level in traditional brick and mortar store become the most competitive factor for traditional retailers. Competing against the E-commerce retailing players, Jingjiao Department Store and SPAR Beijing Shopping Center kicks off service skill practice campaign with the purpose of improving employee’s working skills and service level, so as to emphasis the multichannel services of brick and mortar stores.

Totally 12 employees from department store sector at SPAR Shopping Center participated in the campaign, which divided into 3 group with 4 person in each group. It consists of pretty way to tie a scarf, quick and easy way to tying a tie, dress sharp and smart, as well as pack a gift box. All participants are showing their sufficient skills, while the consumers and audience on site have had fun in Ask and Answer games. After one hour, 5 finals win.
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