Shanxi 2nd Shopping Season

Published on: 2016-10-11
Shanxi 2nd Shopping Season Kicked off at SPAR Qianfeng Nanlu Store
The second Shanxi Shopping Festival commencement ceremony kicked off at the square of SPAR Qianfeng Nanlu store on 25th September 2016. This program is hosted by Shanxi provincial department of commerce and Taiyuan municipal department of commerce, jointly supported by SPAR Shanxi, related organizations and local medias. SPAR Shanxi VP Mr. Li Haibin and Head of provincial department of commerce Mr. Sun Yuejin shared their thoughts and expressed their feelings at this exciting moment. All guests and delegates are invited to visit SPAR Qianfeng Nanlu store after the ceremony. “Shanxi Shopping Season” has got many achievements and wide effects after the first season in 2015, it is understood. This program shall last at least 3 months commencing on Chinese national days, a great carnival for shoppers across China. As the dominant operator of this program, SPAR Shanxi is responsible to lead the development of Shanxi retailing sector, it has plan to innovative products and service satisfying supply-side reform and customer shopping needs.
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