Shuozhou Local Brands Enter into Taiyuan

Published on: 2013-10-09
Shanxi Shuozhou Local Brands Enter into Taiyuan
On August 31st 2013, “Shuozhou local brands enter into Taiyuan” themed activity was launched at SPAR Shanxi Kangning Street Store which jointly organized by a group government departments and SPAR Shanxi. Leaders from the government departments and the chairman of SPAR Shanxi Mr. Chu Dequn were presented at the ceremony. Mr. Chu Dequn said SPAR Shanxi shall take efforts to support Shuozhou local products entering into Taiyuan market, offering Shuozhou healthy agriculture produce for citizens living in capital city. In addition, SPAR Shanxi also entered project cooperation MOU with Gucheng Dairy and Milk Company on the day.
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