SPAR Accelerates Market Expansion

Published on: 2019-03-05
SPAR Accelerates Market Expansion in Meizhou
On Jan 21, 2019, the signing ceremony between SPAR Guangdong and Time Town took place at the location of Time Town, Meizhou, top leaders and management from SPAR China, SPAR Guangdong and Time Town team were presented at the ceremony. Jerome Chevrier, Managing Director of SPAR China, commented: “SPAR China, in the province of Guangdong, now comprises more than 100 stores covering an total sales area of 600,000 square meters with over 10,000 employees. There is also a modern distribution center (DC) that encompasses up to 140,000 square meters. In the city of Meizhou, SPAR now runs 4 hypermarkets since the first opening in 2016.” “SPAR is one of the most recognized grocery retail brands in the world, shares the best practice in modern store design and retail operations with global partners, and boasts an extensive knowledge for supply chain logistics. Next step, SPAR shall accelerate our market expansion in Meizhou, and as a trendsetter, bring more pleasant shopping experience for local consumers.” The concept behind the Time Town project is to create a modern lifestyle shopping destination that satisfy the emerging needs and demands of local consumers. 

On January 22, 2019, SPAR China entered a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with Meizhou Municipal People’s Government. Top leaders of SPAR China, Mayor of Meizhou Zhang Aijun and other government leaders presented at the signing ceremony. Jerome Chevrier commented that, the organic natural products in Meizhou are incredibly good resources for SPAR. SPAR partners in China lately established a supply chain company together. And I believe this new supply chain company will surely play an important role in promoting the business in Meizhou, helping local farmers sell their products nationally and internationally, and also bringing more safe, natural products for our consumers. This move reflects that SPAR China is accelerating market expansion and store development strategy in Meizhou, creating a mutually beneficial platform for the trade of green and organic products.
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